St Stephen’s Ofsted Report

St Stephen’s was last inspected in June 2022 and was continued to be rated as a ‘Good’ school. 

'A welcoming and inclusive school where expectations of children are high’ – that was the verdict of Ofsted inspectors who visited our school. The inspectors were particularly impressed by the celebration of success and added that children ‘know the school's values of 'joy, love, courage and creativity well’.  

They noted the ‘clear focus’ on a love of reading across the schools which begins in the early years. In maths, the inspectors were impressed by the ‘well structured’ curriculum, with children saying they enjoy the subject. 

Children with Special Education Needs and/or Disabilities (SEND) thrive at St Stephen’s, said the report, with pupils, parents, staff and outside agencies all working together to ensure the best outcomes, with support tailored to their needs. 

There was also praise for standards of behaviour both in lessons and more generally around the school. The inspectors said: “Pupils know how the school expects them to behave.” The expectations for behaviour ensure that pupils have positive attitudes to their learning. “The school is a calm and purposeful place to learn.” 

The inspectors added that the school offered a wide range of opportunities outside the classroom, including sport, art, music, visits and residential trips.