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Ethos & Vision

St Stephen’s Church Primary School ethos is built upon our four Core Values of LoveCourageCreativity and Joy.

These Core Values are chosen to ensure we each feel cared for, confident and able to learn every day, whilst building in us the ability to thrive in the future. Our Values are woven into, and evident within, the relationships which bind our school together: pupil to pupil, pupil to adult, adult to adult. We care about each member of our school community, and this has created, over many years, a family atmosphere of warmth, fun and nurture. 

Our Vision is underpinned by the parable of ‘The Hidden Treasure’ (Matthew 13). This Bible story inspires us to understand our Values are not things which are imposed on us but are in us. We already have everything within to, ‘Let our Hidden Treasure Shine'


Our vision is that by the time our ‘well-educated 11-year olds’ leave us, they will be…

·    Excited about learning, with a positive self-story

·    Responsible and respectful

·    Emotionally, physically and spiritually aware

·    An open-minded and creative thinker and learner, who can take risks and learn from their experiences

·    A literate and numerate person who is ready for secondary school and the wider world

·    Someone who relishes opportunity, who can plan for the future and who is ready for the unknown

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