St Stephens217

Extra Curricular Activities

We are very proud of the wonderful choice of after-school club opportunities open to the children at St Stephen’s, run by a dedicated team of teachers and coaches. We hope there is something for everyone. The range of activities is all part of a core philosophical aim to broaden children’s learning and to value a breadth of achievement. Our aim is to help the children to find their personal strengths and a love of learning in all its forms.

Clubs are run in three termly blocks. Some clubs are open to different Year Groups.

Application Process

Information on club sign up is shared approx. 4 weeks before the clubs are due to start. This allows time for both children and parents to choose clubs and for the completion of all the administration prior to clubs starting.

Most clubs take place directly after school finishes and are over by 4.30pm, though some are at lunchtime, and before school starts in the morning. Many clubs take place on the school premises and some take place off-site. Parents are responsible for getting their children to and from after school clubs.

Procedure for Non-Attendence

If, for any reason a child cannot attend a session, it is important that the club leader is informed. This is to ensure the safety and whereabouts of the children at all times and avoids unnecessary phone calls.