St Stephens194

Pupil Leadership

Pupil Leadership is an important aspect of life at St Stephen’s. Every year, children represent a body of leadership opportunities, including: School Council, Play Leaders, Worship Ambassadors, Librarians and Prefects.

All these groups work hard to deliver on areas of whole school development and improvement.

We are fortunate to have pupils who make excellent ambassadors for our school.

School Council

The School Council is a body of elected pupils who meet regularly to discuss current school issues, canvas fellow pupils’ ideas, and give input to school and feedback decisions to their class. Elections are held annually to choose one councillor to represent each class.


Prefects at St Stephen's are chosen because they act as positive role-models to all children across the school. They demonstrate the golden three and work collaboratively with each other, making a valuable contribution to the life to the school community. They work with Phase 1 children across the week and set up games and activities at playtimes for the infant children to participate in. They also help with the running of charity events and developing ideas that contribute to these. 


The role of the librarian is to help the school library staff provide the best possible service. Their roles and responsibilities include: collecting class library books across the school, help shelf return books, help return books using the library's online system and to help keep the library tidy and accessible to all. School librarians love reading and talking about books. They promote our school's love of reading.

Digital Leaders

A digital leader has a strong understanding of the schools' technology and take pride in helping others to access this, as well as understanding the importance of being safe and responsible online. They also act as a positive role-models by supporting younger children in their computing lessons. Regular training session ensure that the children can troubleshoot minor issues across the school and help keep all equipment clean and tidy.

Worship Ambassadors

The main job for our Worship Ambassadors is to help embed the Christian Distinctiveness of our school. This includes planning and leading on Collective Worship, to ensure our school community are aware of our Core Values and theological underpinning, ‘hidden treasure’