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Theological Underpinning and Core Values

St Stephen’s Church Primary Schools has four Core Values of: Love, Courage, Creativity and Joy.

The bible parable of ‘The Hidden Treasure’ underpins our school motto of ‘Let Your Hidden Treasure Shine’.

“The Kingdom of God is like treasure hidden in a field, which someone found and hid; then in their joy they go and sell all that they have and buy that field.” - Matthew 13

The Kingdom of God is the living out of God’s dream for us individually and communally: it’s the very presence in the world of kindness, compassion, patience, forgiveness, peace … love, joy, creativity and courage as embodied by Jesus. Just as the person in the parable gives everything for the Kingdom Treasure, so Jesus wants us to give all we can to see them present also, in all aspects of our lives.

Our school seeks to do this with all our hearts.

The Values we have are not things that are imposed on us, but are in us. We believe that every one of us is wonderfully made in the image of God. Our Christian Distinctiveness means that we celebrate that God’s treasure of love is ‘hidden’ in each of us. God’s love becomes real when we allow this treasure to be found in how we live. For example, when we live kindly, then kindness is released, indeed, we become kindness!

This is at the very heart of Jesus’ life and teaching.