St Stephen’s Primary School ethos is built upon our four core values of Love, Courage, Creativity and Joy. These are woven into, and evident within, the relationships which bind our school together: pupil to pupil, pupil to adult, adult to adult. We genuinely care about each member of our school community, and this has created, over many years, a family atmosphere of warmth, fun and nurture. 

These core values are chosen to ensure we each feel cared for, confident and able to learn every day, whilst building in us all the ability to thrive in the future. 


Our vision is that by the time our ‘well-educated 11 year olds’ leave us, they will be…

  • Excited about learning, with a positive self-story.
  • Responsible and respectful
  • Emotionally, physically and spiritually aware
  • An open-minded and creative thinker and learner, who can take risks and learn from their experiences.
  • A literate and numerate person who is ready for secondary school and the wider world.
  • Someone who thrives with change, who can plan for the future and who is ready for the unknown.
  • Someone who takes opportunities to be all they can be.

We are committed to ensuring that every pupil leaves us with the skills and self-confidence required to thrive in their future, whilst ensuring they are nurtured, challenged and inspired within a high-quality Primary School environment. That way, we can help every child to become the best that they can be.

Supporting Golden Behaviour

Our behaviour policy works towards ensuring all adults and children at St Stephen’s CEVA Primary School are able to thrive in an environment which not only provides the emotional and physical safety we all need but furthermore, offers the support, nurture and guidance we need to be the best we can be.

Under pinning this policy are three key principles:

  1. How we behave comes from our sense of belonging. The school’s Christian ethos of inclusive Love inspires and underpins this.

  2. Every person is an individual. Understanding them and establishing a positive relationship is the first step to enabling them to be the best they can be.

  3. Behaviour is a communicator of emotion and we must always fully consider and address the underlying feelings that are preventing someone from behaving positively.


We share three expectations which we call ‘The Golden 3’:

Try your best

Aiming to be the best we can be means that in how we interact with each other, in how we apply ourselves to tasks and in how we move around school, we always try our best.

Listen carefully

Good listening is about maintaining eye contact, using body language to show we are being attentive and really reflecting upon what is being said. At a deeper level, it is about hearing the meaning behind the words – Why is a person saying that? How must they be feeling? – as well as listening to ourselves and being attuned to our own emotions.

Be kind and respectful

This stems from our core value of Love. We speak and act with care for each other’s feelings. We value and enjoy our differences, and seek opportunities to make the world a better place for those around us.

These three animals are dotted all around school to help us remember The Golden 3...

 Golden 3

      Try your best                        Listen carefully                 Be kind and respectful


A Church School

St Stephen’s Church School is part of the Diocese of Bath and Wells and our foundation link is with St Stephen's Church, Lansdown.

Our school was founded in the 1840s by the local Anglican church for ‘the poor and manufacturing classes of Beacon Hill’. Today, it continues to be an integral and living part of the St Stephen’s Church community, and a place of learning and creativity at the heart of the Lansdown community.

Our core values are rooted in the Christian faith and the traditions of the Church of England. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive school and are proud to represent our local community in full, celebrating each of our children and their wonderful promise, whilst welcoming opportunities to celebrate the diversity beyond our walls. 

St Stephen's Rector, Reverend Philip, is the 'living bridge' between our school and our church. He is a familiar face in school, and leads our Harvest, Christmas, Easter and Leavers' Services in the church which are always special celebrations of our school family. 

It is our aim to sum up what St Stephen’s is all about in our Vision Statement:

‘St Stephen's is a unique community inspired by Christian values, promoting mutual respect, responsible behaviour, and encouraging creativity and a joy in learning.’

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