We are proud and excited to introduce our new curriculum. Following consultation with parents, children, staff and governors in Spring 2019, we have devised an aspirational curriculum model that has grown from our core values and is preparing our children for a future in which they can thrive. The National Curriculum is woven throughout, and this model enables us to provide interconnected, coherent experiences which reflect our aspirations for the children at St Stephen’s. 

At the heart of our curriculum is a rich diet of high-quality children’s literature. All learning is inspired by picture books with the stories, illustrations, messages and settings in the books being used to provide stimuli and context for the broader curriculum. 

Our curriculum is then structured around 4 key areas, each of which comprises a set of learning strands running from Year 1 to Year 6:

Understanding Today Imagining Tomorrow… 

…is essentially our ‘STEM’ curriculum, combining familiar subjects such as Science and Computing with our own addition of the Inventing strand, through which children will learn about some of the inventors and inventions that have helped shape our world whilst also getting chance to develop as inventors in their own right.

Maths sits within this area too to maximise the STEM connections, but is a significant aspect of our curriculum in its own right so for more information about this please see the dedicated Maths page.

My Place in Our World… 

…incorporates two key themes. One of these themes is  recognising that understanding and loving ourself is important – gaining a sense of who we are (Self-story) and then how we can develop as leaders of change (Leadership). The other theme is around developing an understanding of, and an appreciation for, the geography, landscape, people and beauty of our world through the strands of Religious Education, Global Citizen and Our World. This includes considering our impact upon the Earth and our role in taking responsibility for it.

Healthy Body Healthy Mind… 

…is intended to develop children’s life-long emotional resilience and mental well-being alongside the more familiar ongoing focus upon physical fitness (Physical Education) and Healthy Lifestyle choices. It includes practical experience of stilling and yoga techniques (in Mental Well-being) and specific teaching about managing worries whilst developing an awareness of the brain’s response to daily events and experiences (in Resilience). 

Making My Mark 

…is about thinking creatively, creating artwork and self-expression. Alongside the more familiar curriculum subjects of 2D Art, 3D Art and Music, we have built the Creative Thinking strand around our own adaptation of the Design Council’s Double Diamond model, and this will be used across the curriculum to solve, invent, create, write... the possibilities are endless. The Self-expression strand in this area is child-initiated and is about developing in our children the self-awareness and skills needed to explore and express ideas that have meaning to them.

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