Child Protection is an essential aspect of our safeguarding work. We have clear processes that staff may use to respond to concerns, and there are also several preventative measures in place, including the following:

Attendance Policy

We ask all parents and carers to ensure we have three different contacts for each child. This is to ensure that in the event of a child being absent from school, we are able to quickly make contact with someone who knows the reason for the absence.

Safer Recruitment

'Safer Recruitment' is about ensuring that all new recruits to the staff team are vetted against national safeguarding requirements prior to a post being offered. 

Ms Flynn, Mr Preedy and members of the Governing Body have completed accredited safer recruitment training and all interview panels will include at least two people with this accreditation. 

Volunteers in School

We love welcoming people into school to help and in line with Bath and Wells Trust requirements, we carry out checks to ensure our children's safety is assured throughout. This forms the basis of a risk assessment alongside taking references and carrying out DBS checks as appropriate. 


PREVENT is the name of the Government strategy aimed at protecting children from being subjected to extreme or radical behaviour.

For more information on PREVENT, please follow this link to the parents’ section of the educate against hate website or you can read the 2015 Government guidance here

NSPCC - The 'Pants' Rule

Every two years we invite someone from the NSPCC in to school to talk to all of the children about the PANTs rule which is designed to safeguard children from sexual abuse. 

PANTs stands for: Privates are private; Always remember your body belongs to you; No means no; Talk about secrets that upset you.

A few weeks before the session, your child will bring home a letter letting you know when it will be happening (an assembly pitched at Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2 plus, for Years 5 and 6, a class workshop).

You can find our more about the NSPCC PANTS rule here.

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