Weekly timetable

Please click here to view the current week's After School Clubs timetable

Due to Covid not all clubs are available at present. Please check the newsletter for updates, or for further information please email the office.

We are very proud of the wonderful choice of after-school club opportunities open to the children at St Stephen’s, run by a dedicated team of teachers and coaches. We hope there is something for everyone. The wide range of activities is all part of a core philosophical aim to broaden children’s learning and to value a breadth of achievement. Our aim is to help the children to find their personal strengths and a love of learning in all its forms. Some clubs are free of charge but most are available at a cost to cover expenses.

Clubs are run in three 'blocks', for two terms each block...

  • Terms 1 & 2, September - December; To view the planned timetable, please click HERE
  • Terms 3 & 4, January - March;
  • Terms 5 & 6, April - July.

This is so that costs can be spread over the year and children can try out different clubs. Some clubs are open to different Year Groups for each two-term period. Clubs normally start the second week of term.

An updated timetable for the coming week is published with the school newsletter and is available on this webpage.

Application Process

Application forms for each club are available 6-8 weeks before the clubs are due to start. The deadline for applications is 3-4 weeks later. This allows time for both children and parents to choose their clubs and for the the Extended Provision Co-ordinator to complete all the necessary administration prior to clubs starting. Club application forms are available, during the application period, from the carousel in the school reception area. The forms include all details of dates, times, locations and prices, plus any kit requirements. They also include details of when specific clubs will not take place (due to Parents Evening, SATS etc). If a particular club is over-subscribed all the names will be put in a hat and chosen randomly. Where possible we will endeavour to operate a waiting list.

Most clubs take place directly after school finishes and are over by 4.45pm (or earlier), though some are at lunchtime, and one even takes place before school starts in the morning! Many clubs take place on the school premises and some take place off-site. Parents are responsible for getting their children to and from after school clubs.

Procedure for Non-Attendence

If, for any reason a child cannot attend a session, it is important that the school office is informed. This is to ensure the safety and whereabouts of the children at all times and avoids unnecessary phone calls. If it is known in advance that a child cannot attend or there is a change in pickup details, forms are available in the carousel in the school reception area.


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