If you need to get a message to a class teacher during the day, please do so through the school office (01225 311665). Notes regarding social/picking-up arrangements should be given direct to the class teacher. Please avoid calling the office about these arrangements unless it’s urgent.

There is a green postbox on the wall to the right of the reception desk which parents can use to hand something into the office and avoid queueing at busy times. This post box can be used for any school correspondence EXCEPT FOR CASH, which must be handed in at reception. Please ensure that anything you put in the box is in a sealed envelope, with your child’s name and form clearly marked on the front if relevant. The staff will empty the box regularly throughout the day. Hopefully this will save organised parents precious time in the mornings!

There is also a Suggestion Box in the foyer, which parents can use to make suggestions if they don’t manage to do so directly to a member of staff.

Weekly Newsletters

Newsletters are emailed on Fridays, and are available on the website.

Parent consultations

Due to Covid consultations currently take place online.

At St Stephen’s we have parents’ evenings twice a year, in October and again in March, when all parents have the opportunity to meet with their child/children’s teacher(s) and to look at their school books.

Parents are welcome, however, to talk to their class teacher at any time about their child. A short chat in the morning or at the end of the day may suffice (if your child is in years 3–6, you will need to see your child’s teacher after school if possible). If you have something more substantial to discuss, you should make an appointment with the teacher to meet after school has finished.

Annual parental audit

Every year we send out a questionnaire for parents to fill in, in order to help us improve our service by eliciting your impressions and opinions. The analysis of the responses returned is then communicated back to all parents. 

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